William B Gamble, MD, FAAP

Dr William B Gamble is a board certified pediatrician with over 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive care to children of all ages. Originally from Charleston, SC, he attended Emory University and received a BS degree in biology from the University of South Carolina. He graduated cum laude from the Medical School of South Carolina where he also completed his residency training in pediatrics. He practiced in Charleston, SC for 25 years before moving to Greenville, SC, where he was with St Francis Bon Secours as an outpatient pediatrician. While in upstate SC, he began to focus on treatment of children and teenagers with ADD, ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

At All Children's Clinic, he continues to provide best possible care to children of all ages in a comprehensive and caring atmosphere.

He is an avid bicyclist and ever practicing guitarist. He and his wife share 6 grown children, 8 grand children and one happy puppy named Tug.